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Grout Colour And Seal

Colour and Seal Grout with The Tile & Stone Specialists

Are you about to have new tiles installed in your home or business? Stop stains and discoloration of grout before they happen with an application of grout seal by one of our experienced operators.

Do you have tiled floors or walls with old, discoloured grout? Don’t despair, Phil or Steve can take a look and advise how to best refresh and seal grout on floors and walls.

The team at The Tile & Stone Specialists use specialised cleaning solutions and state of the art machinery to rejuvenate your tiles and grout, removing stains, grease and dirt to reveal the original tile colour. Recolouring of grout is best done after a deep clean. You will not believe how different your floor will look after the grout is recoloured and a grout sealer applied to protect against further staining and marks.

It does not matter if you do not know the original colour of your grout. Phil or Steve will ensure a perfect match is achieved after the tiles have been cleaned. We guarantee your tiles will gleam, and the grout colour will look brand new!

Sealing grout is necessary for wet areas as it will cut down the incidence of hazardous moulds and bacteria that grow on surfaces. These are hard to remove from grout with standard cleaning methods. Moulds and bacteria cause black, ugly staining and are often the cause of odours in bathrooms, toilets and laundries. Not only will deep cleaning tiled surfaces, recoloring and sealing grout remove the moulds, bacteria and associated smells, but it will also make your room look brand new again.

The Tile & Stone Specialists have been successfully operating in the Sunshine Coast area for thirty years and have maintained a loyal customer base because we achieve the following goals 100% of the time:

  • Developing strong working relationships with clients and other
  • Competitive pricing to all clients
  • Quality workmanship
  • Industry recognition and respect

You can rely on us to turn up on time, do the job we said we would do, and stick to the budget we quote.

The Tile & Stone Specialists can also help with the following services:

  • High pressure cleaning for garages, driveways and patios
  • Cleaning and sealing of tiles and grout
  • Polishing Stone and Marble
  • Stripping and resealing vinyl floors
  • Reducing flood and water damage
  • Carpet cleaning & stain removal
  • Spot dyeing and full dye of carpets
  • Rug cleaning & upholstery cleaning and protection
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Maintaining tiled floors with scheduled cleans

Do you have a question? Call us today for advice on cleaning grout, colouring grout, sealing grout and tile cleaning. We can also advise on the appropriate flooring products for your needs and the best way to maintain your floor between maintenance visit. Our aim is to build good relationships with our customers. We stand by our work and provide written obligation-free quotes so you do not have to worry about unexpected shocks.

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