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SandStone Cleaning

Sandstone tiles are durable, easy to clean and less expensive than marble or granite. On the downside, sandstone needs to be sealed as it can be porous and is reactive to acid. Well maintained sandstone tiles add timeless appeal to any property, but improper cleaning and lack of maintenance can make them prone to scratching, staining, and fracturing.

The team at The Tile & Stone Specialists on the Sunshine Coast can provide the best sandstone cleaning solutions and maintenance schedules to prolong the life and beauty of your tiles.

Sandstone Cleaning

Foot traffic is one of the main reasons that sandstone tiles become dull, because fine scratching occurs from dust, sand and grit being underfoot.  After prolonged wear tile surfaces lose their reflective properties and look worn and tired; as part of our sandstone restoration process, we use a specialised polisher to return a smooth finish to your sandstone tiles. Our polishing equipment is unique in the Sunshine Coast area and allows us to provide superior results without the risk of damage. Sandstone tile cleaning should not be done with cleaners working at pressures above 800PSI, and acidic cleaners should not be used. A penetrating sealer should be applied immediately after cleaning sandstone tiles to reduce soiling and acid attack. Sandstone tiles usually look best with a low to medium sheen.

Sandstone Sealing

Sandstone has a high porosity which means oily substances will absorb quickly and leave stains, while red wine, lemon juice, and colas will cause acid etching. A penetrating sealer should be used to protect the tiles and grout from stains, scratches, and acid attack. Sandstone sealing with a breathable, impregnating sealer means you will have fewer problems with staining, scratching or acidic liquids, and cleaning and maintenance will be easier. Impregnating transparent sealers will provide excellent protection and enhance the natural look of the stone.

Caring for Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles are easiest to maintain with a maintenance cycle in place. The following tips will help you keep a surface sheen and cut down on stains between professional sandstone cleans.


  • Clean any spills immediately
  • Seal sandstone tiles at the point of installation
  • Make sure there are mats in doorways
  • Clean floor tiles regularly with a microfibre mop


  • Use bleaches or ammonia
  • Use vinegar or acidic cleaners
  • Use scouring pads or brushes and abrasive cleaners

The Tile & Stone Specialists have been in business in the Sunshine Coast area for thirty years.  Our service area encompasses Maroochydore, Noosa and Caloundra and everywhere in between. We are a local business and proud of our high standards of service and customer care and we stay up to date with the latest products and technology in our industry. Our commitment to quality means we have a loyal client base in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Our tile cleaning services are employed by hospitals, colleges, apartment blocks and retail properties.

If you want prompt service at an agreed price, call The Tile Stone & Specialists today. Phil or Steve can advise on, and offer obligation-free quotes for, all aspects of sandstone restoration, including sandstone cleaning and sandstone sealing. Whether you are renovating or building a new home or business premises, they will help you choose the best flooring for your needs, and explain what you can do to maintain your floors and wall tiles between maintenance visits.

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