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Stone & Marble Polishing

Marble and stone surfaces change after several years of exposure to air, water, wear and tear and chemical cleaners. The team at The Tile & Stone Specialists have the experience and technology to polish years of grime and wear off your marble or stone tiles. We use a diamond pad system and lamb’s wool buffers for marble polishing and stone polishing to achieve a seamless finish.

Grinding and Polishing Stone and Marble

Quite often, stone and marble tiles are in good condition, but they begin to look tired and dull due to weather and wear and tear. Phil and Steve at The Tile & Stone Specialists understand that you want to rejuvenate your tiles to their incredible sheen and style. They can guide you on the best marble or stone restoration process for your tiles – polished, honed or semi-gloss – and help with advice on tile sealants and after-care products.

If your marble or stone tiles suffer cracks or acid damage, there is no need to replace the entire section of stone. Our advanced stone polishing system can repair and remove stains, and we have specialist techniques to gloss over cracks and restore your tiles to their former glory. Marble restoration and stone restoration is a far cheaper option than full replacement and can be done relatively quickly.

The Stone & Tile Specialists can also polish and restore:

  • Marble benchtops
  • Stone benchtops
  • Pool surrounds
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Marble or stone staircases
  • Decorative stone or marble panels

Once your marble or stone has been restored, you will want to keep it looking fantastic for as long as possible. If you are experiencing problems, we have listed eight common problems and solutions below:

  1. Etching – dull spots from acidic liquids, most usually occurring on marble and limestone. Acidic cleaners and chemicals and certain drinks will etch. If etching is light, it can be removed with marble polishing powder. Deep etching will require professional stone polishing
  2. Efflorescence – white, powdered residue on the stone surface, caused by exposure to an excess of water. The stone should be buffed, but it will continue to effloresce until it dries out
  3. Dullness – usually from wear and tear. Keep softer stone floors mopped and place doormats at all entrances. Badly worn tiles will require professional stone polishing
  4. Pitting and flaking – a serious problem if small holes are developing in your tiles or pieces are flaking off. This is caused by trapped deposits from excessive water, and will usually mean that the stone must be replaced
  5. Staining – a common problem as most stone surfaces stain easily. Foods, drinks, oils and rust will stain marble and limestone. It is best practice to apply sealant when stone or marble is laid and clean spills as soon as the occur
  6. Cracks – the most common causes are settling, poor installation or accident. Cracks can be repaired with colour-matched epoxy
  7. Watermarks – rings and spots from water are common on kitchen benches and marble tops. Marble polishing powder will remove light spots whereas deeper spots may require honing. A stone paste wax on bench tops and tables will help prevent watermarks
  8. White stun marks – most usually occurring marble, high heels, and blunt object pressure are the common causes. Grinding and honing may reduce stun marks but they can prove difficult to remove

The team at The Tile & Stone Specialists have thirty’s years experience in the industry and a commitment to customer service that has seen them grow a loyal following on the Sunshine Coast. Why not call them today and let them help you plan your marble or stone restoration project.

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